It wasn’t that long ago, really, only 10 years . . . the age of the Alliance. A time in which peace reigned and commerce flourished. But because of the Silence, it seems like another era entirely, like hundreds of years has passed. It’s almost indescribable . . . almost.

The beginnings of galactic space travel for Terrans (humans) took place late in 21XX, and with the first attempt at “gating” causing them to mutually discover the Alpha-Cents, a humanoid in appearance and intelligence, possessing varying physical traits equivalent of Terran animals, such as felines and canines, that populated a planet orbiting the Alpha Centauri binary star. The two races quickly became allies, exchanging technologies and trading goods. After some time an expedition to Epsilon Eridani uncovered that the three planets orbiting the star actually were populated with rather dramatically different organisms, silicon based lifeforms resembling Terrans but were actually cybernetic. The race identified themselves as the Eridani, and had an interplanetary government in place. Though probably not the most charismatic people, they also quickly allied themselves with the Terrans and Alpha-Cents due to “being the most logical choice of events” as they explained at the time.

And so the Alliance was born, the three individual governments treatised into a single interplanetary, galactic government. With the establishment of the Alliance came the creation of the Joint Space Defense Force, or JSDF for short. With its establishment, the Alliance journey the star ocean, discovering new planets and new races, creating new “gates”, and over time expanded the Alliance across much of the galaxy.

All was well for several hundreds of years, but then, early in 25XX, a threat appeared. Reports came in of one by one, planets towards the outer edges of Alliance dominion being attacked and globally conquered by a humanoid race that resembled a mish-mash of old Terran legends, primarily led by those that resembled “vampires” and “werewolves”. The JSDF responded but the unknown race were nearly unstoppable. It was then that the Alliance discovered the most horrible part of it. All who fell to this race somehow were reanimated as “ghouls”, horrific versions of themselves with unslakeable rage.

The leader of the race sent the Alliance Command a message through a single survivor of that soon to be first battle. “We are the Rosunobil, and we will make you ours,” was the message, and so began the Rosu-Allied War. The war raged on for several years, neither side making very much progress, until the Silence fell. With a decisive strike on the Alliance Central Command, a space station towards the galaxy’s center, the Rusonobil practically guaranteed themselves victory, but the JSDF had a countermeasure in place, a retrovirus had been created to kill any and all Rusonobil, and upon the Central Command’s destruction, it was released all over the galaxy. It was, for the most part successful. Approximately 98% were killed, and the survivors fled to the stars to become interplanetary marauders, but there was another cost. Some that weren’t Rusonobil were infected too, and they became ghouls as well.

Due to the Silence, both forces had been mostly destroyed. The Alliance and JSDF fell apart, creating a power vacuum across the galaxy. The three central planets took up control of their local solar systems and some surrounding systems, but it was nothing like what it was. For the most part everyone was left to fend for themselves, creating a “survival of the fittest”, Wild West type of existence for most. Criminal organizations run rampant, the remaining Rusonobil causing general chaos wherever they go, former generals consolidating their power to make themselves warlords . . . a once formerly peaceful ocean of stars is now nothing but.

Alexei T. Morrison,
excerpt from The Chronicles of the Red War

Chronicles of the Red War